Why Do I Love Photography?

The answer is simple. I love photography because I love recording moments that just pass by way too fast.




You know what I am talking about. That kiss on the check that Aunt Judith gives her 9 year nephew and that, “I am too cool for this” mix with a bit of, “Just eeewww!” that instantly appears on the boys face. He wasn’t being disrespectful, but when Aunt Judith leaned in for that kiss, you knew that look was coming. In the coming years, the look will be replaced with love and emotion for his aunt. Soon, that moment will fade into your distant memory and be replaced by more important ones. Can you survive without that moment in your mind? Sure you can. But, if you had a photograph, then every now and then you would run across it and be reminded of that precise moment. A small, precise moment captured for you to share. That gift, that joy, that you get to recreate years from now is what drives my passion for this medium.


Thats what I look for every time I am hired to be a photographer. Weddings, graduation photos, family portraits… the approach is the same. Come away with moments captured that speak volumes for those involved. The truth is, that I am just documenting someone’s existence, but I am empowered to do it in a way that is poignant and that means something.


I am not just a man with a camera. I bring my relationship with you, my experiences in life, my feelings, my emotion into the photographs. I want others to know what it felt like being in that moment. For my wedding clients, its not just about one single photograph but the entire day. The day just happens to be one of the happiest and craziest days in your life and I get to capture it for you. I know that you can choose 30 or 40 other photographers to shoot your day, but just remember that all the technique in the world doesn’t compensate for the inability to notice. Thats a photographer job, to notice images before they happen. That is the difference between a good photographer and a great one.





So, why do I love photography? Because I get to put my heart and soul into every photograph and in turn you have something to remember your day. Something that can be shared for generations to come. I am documenting history, creating a time machine to days gone by and it gives me great happiness to know that my image will live on, long after I am gone.



— Chris

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