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For those who know me, they know my true passion is photography. I started my own wedding photography business over a decade ago and it was one of the best decisions of my life.
I took a chance one day and emailed a local wedding photographer, whose work I admired. I asked if I could shadow, learn and figure out whether or not shooting weddings was for me.  The photographer said yes and through all this time he and I are still good friends.  I learned so much from him about photography, weddings, dealing with people and all the other details involved in this business. Robert McClory has been my mentor and my friend so I can’t think of a better piece of news to announce.
Robert McClory and I have decided to join forces. Robert runs an already successful wedding photography business but he has wanted to expand his current model and offer a full time second photographer.  He was also interested in adding an associate photographer for when he was booked and/or overpriced.  For me, the best part of this is that he will handle post-production and I get to just shoot.  This set up applies to weddings he books in his studio as well as weddings I book on my own.    So starting immediately, I am Robert M Photography.
As a result, I’ve decided to close the doors to East Orlando Photography… for now. Over the last decade my priorities in life have changed tremendously. I’m the father of two amazing boys and continue to be the best husband I can. However, the amount of time it takes to run a business is taking me away from the one thing I care most about, my family. Wedding photography is not just a job it is a passion.  So I’ve never wanted to give it all up.  That’s what I’m very excited to announce this opportunity.
For those of you who are part of my current workload for those of you who are part of my current referral network… Nothing has changed. As I told each of you over the phone, I will work all my contracted weddings under East Orlando Photographer with all the passion and commitment that I always have. For my referrals, please continue to speak my name, show my work and champion my services as I will continue to shoot weddings under:
Chris Honour

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